What Does BDAF Do?

Protocol for standardization treatment

BDAF helps to support in prevention & treatment of diseases that require lifetime treatment, impose high continuing costs, and are seeing a rapid spread across all levels of society.


BDAF intends to provide a framework and facilitate resources to improve the quality of healthcare to be provided to patients, including in the remotest regions, by supporting physicians in delivering healthcare services, using technology as an enabler. It intends to enhance the knowledge and expertise of physicians through training, seminars, lectures required for improving the healthcare set-up in the country.

Multiplication of Reformed Knowledge

Our aim is to improve and multiply information data access among doctors. By expanding information stream among doctors and general professionals or growing subject matter experts, we will cut across obstructions, for example, absence of sufficient clinical preparation and accessibility of and admittance to subject matter experts.

Increase affordability of service

We believe that everybody should approach reasonable great medical care. By helping tie-ups among every one of the partners in medical care we will foster an organization of associations that have capacity of getting positive completely change people lives.


Why Volunteer With Us?

Volunteer at your convenience

The colossal adaptability that our projects give permits you to chip in at an overall setting fitting your personal preference. Assuming there's a reason or nation that is near your heart, we will assist you with arriving.

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Contribute to sustainable service

Joining forces with Bimla Devi Aarogya Foundation implies your great work is gone on by different workers in our organization, guarantee a nonstop and feasible help that assists the local area with flourishing.

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Share the work load

You are never alone with Bimla Devi Aarogya Foundation, and you just have to assume on as much liability as you are alright with. Our group of workers are glad to work connected at the hip with you and shoulder your obligations.

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Wellbeing quality administrations in India actually miss the mark when contrasted with our kindred countries. In the previous ten years, the public authority spending and the endeavour to connect the infrastructural hole in the wellbeing area has surely expanded. Notwithstanding, serious issues actually continue to happen.

Targeting quality, accessibility and affordability will lead to better patient healthcare outcomes. Achieving these aims will further restore the gap between urban and rural medical facilities while providing patients with medical professionals who are better equipped and organized to empower the billion lives they deal with every day. This is where the CHNI comes into picture. CHNI aims to make affordable healthcare accessible to all Indians irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and geographic location.

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